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About Tradisyon 

Our Story


Searching for Filipino food delivery in Manhattan, they quickly realized there was a huge lack of options.


And when two chefs are unable to satisfy a craving for the goodness of that home cooked food they grew up with, naturally they go and cook.


Chef Anton spent many years in the kitchens of Jean-Georges, Tabla, ABC Kitchen, ABC Cocina and Mission Chinese. With the desire to do something more, Anton created Mighty Bowl, the fast casual Asian bowl chain, which grew to 3 Manhattan locations in just 1.5 years. He then invited Chef Bianca from ABC Cocina along and they went on to pioneer popular Williamsburg restaurant, The Hive. 


But once again, it was time to create and this would be all about the homeland: The Philippines’ traditional dishes. 


With a shared mission of promoting the country’s culture and amazing yet still widely obscure cuisine, they were soon joined by Joey who worked with the Philippines’ Department of Tourism here in New York. This became the ideal team fueled not only by technical skill in the kitchen but by this passion for their country and its food.


Kenneth, an adventurous world traveler, passionate about food, taking every bite to a different level. Giving us an experienced perspective during our tasting days and pushing us to form what we know now as Tradisyon.



Combining fresh, quality ingredients with authentic flavors, Tradisyon is here to make traditional Filipino food known and accessible. Located in Hell’s Kitchen, these are inspired and meticulously crafted bowls that Lola would definitely be proud of. 

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From the Foodies

1 - Cynthia B.

Love this place. Delicious food and everyone is so nice. Go and try it. Pork Adobo, garlic fried rice, Sisig, all yummy. Salamat po is thank you in Tagalog.“ 


Google  -  Erin T.

“This place just opened and I’ve already gone TWICE! I could have this food every day. I love the twist on my home favorites. I’m so excited to have authentic and delicious Filipino food in my neighborhood!!!”

3 - Caroline

“Food was delicious! Perfect comfort food, especially when being cooped up in the house.”

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